About Gee

GEE is based in the great state of Massachusetts, USA, and operates with global partners and members. We offer a wealth of networking opportunities to boost your business connections and outreach. These connections strengthen exhibitor resources and collaboration to reach the next level of growth. Look at what GEE has to offer by exploring our site.

Trainings and Certificates

Recent graduates from various academic studies often require additional career development support to secure a future professional career. This is where having proper training and professional experience through various certificate programs are essential to your success. Our team at GEE wants to be your choice by supporting your career goals and cooperation. If you are interested in working with our team, please email your cover letter and resume to:

GEE Membership Opportunities

GEE offers numerous membership levels to ensure you receive the custom support and services needed for a successful event or exhibition. If you are interested in a different arrangement, please contact our team with any specialized requests. Otherwise, feel free to explore our tiered investment member options like:


GEE is honored to announce our ongoing Blog competition that awards successful writers with cash compensation. All submitted blogs must be in letter size using Times New Roman as a font and sent via Microsoft Word document. Please note the content limit is 1,000 words.

Grant & Gift

Your unused goods and assets are incredibly valuable to many others in the world. We know your hard-earned income is a precious asset and would never want to take away the challenges you have overcome to achieve such fantastic success. Instead, we want to appeal to your generosity by demonstrating participation in a donation program to help those in need. These may include: