Writing for GEE or Blog Support

GEE is honored to announce our ongoing Blog competition that awards successful writers with cash compensation. All submitted blogs must be in letter size using Times New Roman as a font and sent via Microsoft Word document. Please note the content limit is 1,000 words.


You are more than welcome to submit creative and innovative works as well as informational posts or historical reference articles that can be used to educate future generations. Please allow yourself to express your thoughts as you see fit. However, we cannot allow any plagiarism or AI generative text (ChatGPT, etc.), and our team will check to verify these parameters.


The winner will be awarded a $200 (two hundred dollars) Visa card or gift items of equivalent value. One out of every one hundred writers will be announced as a winner. The winning author’s work will be published throughout our GEE network and company twice a year.

GEE Awards

Are you eager to express your talent and intelligence by highlighting your various achievements? GEE is happy to advise you on how best to award participation in various global events. We can connect you with businesses and organizations seeking talented individuals and companies like yours. Please feel free to reach out to our team via email atinfo@globaleexhibition.com to learn more about how these awards can further build your online branding and add authority to your overall presence.

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Grant & Gift

As part of our continual service to connect businesses globally by providing custom e-exhibition services, we also support various organizations, companies, and parties in their efforts to grow and expand.

Your unused goods and assets are incredibly valuable to many others in the world. We know your hard-earned income is a precious asset and would never want to take away the challenges you have overcome to achieve such fantastic success. Instead, we want to appeal to your generosity by demonstrating participation in a donation program to help those in need. These may include:

  • School Supplies & Stationary
  • Clothing
  • Beauty Accessories
  • Table, Chairs, and Other Furniture
  • Crockery and Dining Sets
  • Any Electronic Device (laptop, PC, TV, mobile, etc.)
  • Table Lamps
  • Art Gallery Pictures
  • Food and Tuition Fees

Those who wish to participate by taking donations are welcome to email our team at GEE with a demand list details to: info@globaleexhibition.comPlease note: all donations and giving are considered tax-deductible according to your country’s tax or VAT regulations.

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